Charlize Theron is featured in a new J’Adore Dior TV Ad

We all can’t help admiring the beautiful and talented actress Charlize Theron. She has been featured in numerous flicks and TV shows and just recently, she was in for another TV ad that highlights her beautiful skin and overall physicality.

The French fashion house Dior was able to hire Charlize for an exquisite ad where she lent her beautiful face and sexy and sensual body. The ad is actually perfect and it’s getting lots of positive remarks from the crowd. It’s no surprise, though. Charlize is one stunning woman, she definitely can light up the screen with her natural allure.

Here’s what Charlise stated in her Dior campaign: “A new world, every hope is possible. The future is bright, the future is gold, the future is woman. The past can be beautiful, a memory, a dream, but it’s no place to live, make your own story, and now it’s the time. The only way out is to the light. But it’s not heaven, it’s a new world. The future is gold, J’adore Dior.”

The ad really makes her look glamorously beautiful because she also wore a glittery gold gown that puts all her curves in their right places. Credits also go to photographer Peter Lindbergh for the stunning shots.