Chris Brown and Rita Ora are dating?

Okay, let’s admit this simple fact: Rita Ora and Chris Brown seriously have that undeniable chemistry. Both recording artists have that hotness thing going on. The celebrities performed the track “Body on Me” on September 8 and one thing’s for sure. Their fans are all rooting for them together! Why not? They’re both talented, good-looking, and have a successful career. Social medias also buzz around that the two look really cute together. But… are they really dating?

A source tells that they’re not. And they’re just good friends. “They may have looked close together, and set tongues wagging with their sexually charged performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, but they’re just really good friends. Both thought they’d create some excitement on stage by getting a little heated to stir up a bit of drama.”

While the two of them look really cute as a couple, unfortunately they did not confirm that they’re actually together. There were rumors, yes. But there was no real confirmation.

Another source elaborates, “Rita thinks Chris is insanely talented and totally hot, but they are better off as friends than lovers.” What can say about Chris and Rita’s chemistry? And if they’re possibly hooking up, do you think they’re going to make their relationship last?