Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company not so honest?

Jessica Alba is not only known as a famous A-lister Hollywood actress with a beautiful face and a sexy body. She is also an entrepreneur. Popular for her company The Honest Co., her business deals about personal care products. Some of its features include diapers, cleaning supplies, vitamins, gift items, and others.

Her business is a great success. Lately though, she was put into headlines when her company was labeled as “not so honest” because of a certain customer who filed a claim that the company is dishonest for labeling the product as “natural” when it fact there are ingredients that are not natural at all.

The class action suit was filed by Jonathan Rubin. He said that all products under The Honest Co. have synthetic preservatives, therefore they should not be labeled as “natural”. He also said that certain products with such preservatives are potentially harmful based on the studies from an environmental group.

Another thing Rubin claimed was the ineffective results of the company’s sunscreen. He said multiple users stated in their product reviews on blogs that the product cause sunburn and skin blistering. With this, he asked for a $5 million worth of refund for the people who bought the products from the company. What do you think about this claim?