Justin Bieber’s reason why he bleached his hair platinum blonde

Pop singer Justin Bieber just recently turned his hair into platinum and you wouldn’t believe the reason why! We haven’t known that this guy is superstitious!

The singer stunned and surprised everyone when he showed at The Today Show in Sept. 10, sporting his har that is already a platinum blonde in color! Some of his fans seemed so hyped but others were definitely shocked and with mixed emotions with the new look of thei idol.

Now, his reason? According to a source who exclusively told Hollywoodlife.com, “His mind is all about going platinum with his music and album. He is very superstitious, and he honestly believes if he thinks about something, it will come true.” Wow. Justin has that enthusiastic mind and we can’t help but applaud his ideals. But, is it  really necessary for him to change his looks just to stay positive? “So if he is surrounded by platinum then it will happen,” the source added. “Sounds stupid but the platinum hair is based on the mindset of what he wants his career to get into for his upcoming album. He really wants this album to be a huge hit.”

That’s the spirit, Justin! Now what’s your reaction with his new hair color?