Lady Gaga Financial Wealth, Annual Income, Monthly income, Weekly Income, Daily Income

Lady GaGa Financial WealthLady Gaga is one of the most impressive celebrities in terms of financial wealth.  Lady Gaga made over $80 million in 2013. When her ARTPOP album was released her tour grossed $168 million. Claims are made that she would of earned past $200 million for the tour had she not had to cancel it at the end due to injuries. This means she is on the path to becomming one of the most abundant celebs in the business. Bringing in the big dollars, song after song! Lady Gaga has also topped Forbes list of top earning celebrities under 30. She is really one amazing woman.

Lady Gaga – Singer, songwriter, musician & dancer – She was  Born in: 1986 in the United Stats of America.

Income statistics for 2013:

Annual Income: USD 80,000,000.00
Monthly Income: USD 6,666,666.00
Weekly Income: USD 1,600,000.00
Daily Income: USD 320,000.00