Mackenzie Davis Net Worth, Annual Income, Monthly Income, Weekly Income, and Daily Income

Mackenzie Davis is a Canadian actress. She was born on the 1st of April 1987 in Vancouver, Canada. A product of McGill University, she was also educated at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre. She started to work as an actress in the year 2011, playing a significant role on the short film Alex. It was in the year 2012 when she was highlighted on the movie The F Word as Nicole. Because of her impressive performance on the said film, she earned a nomination for Canadian Screen Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role.

Mackenzie’s net worth as of the year 2017 is noted to be 6,000,000 dollars. In the year 2016, she became more successful in her career when she was highlighted on the TV series Always Shine, playing the role Anna and earning a Tribeca Film Festival Award for Best Actress and Monster Fest Award for Best Performance in a Feature Film (Female) award. She presently appears on the TV series Halt and Catch Fire, playing the main character Cameron Howe.

Income Statistics for 2017

Net Worth: USD 6,000,000.00

Annual Income: USD 700,000.00

Monthly Income: USD 28,333.33

Weekly Income: USD 6,538.46

Daily Income: USD 931.50