Selena Gomez releases her new track “Same Old Love”

Let’s get real. Selena Gomez continues to rock the music industry as she gets bolder and bolder each day. Just recently, she became the center of attention when she released the cover art of her album┬ácalled “Reveal”. The cover is just so breathtaking, mysterious, and totally alluring. Just like the singer herself.

The album features lots of incredibly amazing songs, including the┬álatest single “Good for You”. In her twitter account, the fabulous singer stated, “Ahhh you guys! You can now preorder #REVIVAL on @applemusic and get #SameOldLove instantly.”

So what’s in store with her latest album apart from the gorgeous cover art and the song that was mentioned? Well, of course, the album also features the single “Same Old Love” which created an impression that perhaps the lyrics were directed at her “same-old-love” Justin Bieber? Hmmm. What do you think?

Maybe. Maybe not. Selena and Justin have been dating since few years ago and actually had such a roller coaster relationship twists that the fans these days could not keep up. Well, maybe we’ll just keep an eye of these two soon.

Selena’s “Reveal” album, which has 11 songs in total, will be released on October 9 and will come out in stores and iTunes.